Several districts have modified their Pre-K application processes. To learn more, visit our How to Enroll page.

Pre-K is a place to...



Why Pre-K Matters

Young children are capable of A LOT of learning well before they start kindergarten. As their brains grow and develop you can provide them with quality pre-K learning experiences that lay the foundation for their future success.  National research shows that students who attend a high-quality pre-K program are more likely to:

Be ready for kindergarten

Complete high school

Earn higher salaries

A quality pre-k center will help your child learn through reading stories, singing songs, playing games, and exploring their world with their classmates — kids still get to be kids while building the foundational skills they need to be great readers and math superstars. Pre-K students also get acquainted with how school works, and they enter kindergarten with confidence!

These parents made the choice to send their child to a quality pre-k center, and they share their children’s success stories: