Welcome to the Pre-K Houston COVID-19 Safety Page! Here you can find information about COVID-19 safety in our district’s pre-K classrooms, superintendent updates and resources for parents to find active cases within each district. We want you to feel safe and supported when going back to school—and that starts here.

Your Safety Is Important.

Many teachers and staff throughout all nine of our districts in Harris County will be coming back to school in August 2021 fully vaccinated, which will keep the risk of our kids contracting COVID-19 low. Although staff will be fully vaccinated, all schools will still be taking important safety measures.


The Research

District Precautions

All of our Pre-K Houston participating districts have implemented COVID-19 updates (updated weekly) for parents to shift through all active COVID-19 cases of staff and students throughout schools and facilities. Each page has their individual safety and prevention guidelines as well as several health resources for students and parents. Click on the districts below to find all COVID-19 safety correspondences.

Disclaimer + Contact

Our COVID-19 Safety page is updated on an as-needed basis to reflect the real-time changes within each district’s COVID-19 safety guidelines in classrooms and schools. If you have any questions, comments or concerns—please send an email to