Do I Qualify

Find out if your family can get FREE high-quality pre-K.

If any of these statements describe your family, you can get FREE pre-K for your child.

  • Your family is eligible for a national free or reduced-price lunch program
  • Your child doesn’t speak or understand English (yet!)
  • Your family doesn’t currently have a home or is looking for a permanent home
  • One parent or guardian is on active duty in the armed forces
  • The child is currently or was previously in foster care
  • One parent or guardian is eligible for the Star of Texas Award

You will also need some forms of identification, like:

  • A birth certificate for the child
  • Parent or Guardian Driver’s License, ID or Passport 
  • One Electricity, Gas, Water, Utility bill, or Lease that Has a Parent or Guardian’s Name and Address* 
  • Child’s Medical Shot Records

*If you do not currently have a home, you don’t need to provide this document to qualify.

If you think you might be eligible, take our quick quiz to get started! This form is only used to check to see if you can participate. We don’t collect any personal information.

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